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Miniature Thermocouple Connectors

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Miniature Thermocouple Connectors

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This section features the Miniature Jack and Plug 600 Series along with the 500 Series Miniature Jack and Plugs. The purpose of these connectors is to ensure the temperature measurement signal from your temperature sensor or lead wire to the instrumentation is accurately transmitted. The 600 Series contains a dual cap screw design. The 500 Series is constructed with our brand new single captive screw design. Both series are ANSI approved. The 500 series is made with glass-filled thermoplastic polyester nylon and the 600 series is made with glass-filled thermoplastic nylon. These series both accept wires sizes from 30 to 20 AWG solid or stranded. The 600 Series is rated to 392°F (204°C) while the 500 Series is rated to 525°F (274°C). Within the products you should be able to find the exact connector you need. At Temprel we guarantee a quality product and take pride in providing our customers with the finest instrumentation to ensure accurate temperature measurement.

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