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K-Type, 0.062'' or 1/16'' OD x 3''

Item #: T21MG3KAI

Product Info

A quick disconnect thermocouple with compacted MgO insulation employing a glass-filled, nylon connector directly on the sheath. This specific K Type T21 Thermocouple Probe with attached connectors is a molded on mini-plug. It is grounded and the probe length is 3”. The probe diameter is .062” (1/16”) with Inconel material. The connector max temp rating is 525F (274C) and the probe max temp rating is 2150F (1175C).

Inconel Probe, Grounded, Mold-On Mini Plug (Grounded)

Item Specifications

  • K Type
  • Molded on Mini-Plug
  • Yellow
  • 525°F (274°C)
  • Single
  • Grounded
  • -325°F to +32°F (-200°C to +0°C)
  • +32°F to +2280°F (0°C to +1250°C)
  • T21
  • 0.062" (1/16")
  • 3"
  • 3"
  • Inconel
  • 2150°F (1175°C)
  • Nickel Chromium vs Nickel Aluminum

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