Sheathed MgO Filled - Temprel Models T21, T23, T24, T25, T26, T52, T54, T100, B52

This group shares a common probe style of a metal sheath normally .20" thru .250" diameter with compacted Magnesium Oxide insulation around the thermo-elements. Most common sheath materials are inconel 600; 304, 310 or 316 stainless steel; or Hastalloy X in single, dual or triple elements. Since the thermo-elements are very fine and fragile, a transition to a robust termination is required, either a quick disconnect plug (T21); or a potted fitting (T25), a potted fitting with strain relief spring (for high vibration applications). (T26) to flexible 20 or 24 awg lead wires. Special mounting fittings such as a pipe plug or oil drain plug can be welded to the sheath (T23). Temperature limits are normally the upper operating range of the theromocouple type based on calibration and diameter (see attached chart). The thermo-elemetns can also be welded into the end camp (grounded junction), exposed or electrically isolated from the sheath (ungrounded junction). 


Model T21

Most common thermocouple sold. Quick disconnect thermocouple with compacted MgO insulation employing a glass-filled, nylon connector directly on the sheath. 

Model T23

Quick disconnect thermocouple with compacted MgO insulation with a fixed mount threaded fitting mounted directly on the sheath. 

Model T24

A sheathed thermocouple with compacted MgO insulation, utilizing a heavy duty transition fitting and lead protected by stainless steel interlocking armor. (Stainless steel interlocking armor comes standard with T24)

Model T25

Flexible lead wire transition joint sheathed thermocouple with compacted MgO insulation utilizing a heavy duty transition fitting and lead protected by stainless steel wire overbraid. 

Model T26

Flexible lead wire thermocouple with integrated spring wire support on the heavy duty transition. 

Model T52

Flexible insulated thermocoupole with multiple options at sensing tip. 

This style is the most basic and economical. It consists of bare or normally insulated wire with a TIG welded measuring junction and a form of connection to extension wire. It is available in gauge sizes 20 thru 26 with a wide choice of insulation based on the application. 

Model T54

A sheathed thermocouple which has a continuous run of wire from the junction to wire termination. 

This style is similar to the open wire type with the wire slid into a tube and the measuring junction exposed or welded into the end of the tube. This allows the probe to be mounted in a compression fitting and can be liquid tight. It is still limited to the temperature of the wire insulation. Sizes are normal .125" diameter thru .250" diameter and the tube material can be stainless steel, glass, armor or a tightly wound spring (Boden Cable).

Model T100

An insulated wire thermocouple extension harness. 

Model B52

Versatile design is used for measuring brake & drum temperatures, consisting of a 1/8" diameter x 1/8" long copper "slug" with silver brazed thermocouple wires inside. Available in K & J calibrations, typically with 22 AWG-Stranded and insulated fiberglass wire. 

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